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TivoSlideshow is an application for showing a series of images accompanied by music, intended for use on the Tivo DVR (Series 2 or higher).

TivoSlideshow itself runs on your PC. When you choose the ``slideshow'' application on your TiVo, your TiVo retrieves image files from the PC over your home network, and displays them for you.


To view photos, you will need a TiVo box with the Home Media Environment. (Series 2 or later.)

You will also need Java 1.4.2 or higher installed on your PC. Java can be downloaded at:



The program can be downloaded at:


Retrieve the zip file, and unzip it to a folder of your choice.

How to Use

TivoSlideshow comes pre-configured with some sample images, for running a quick demonstration. See the ``Using Your Own Pictures and Music'' section for infomation on using your own images and music.

On your PC, go to the directory you unzipped the files to.

Double-click ``tivoslideshow.jar''. A window titled ``Slideshow'' will appear; leave it open until you are done viewing pictures on the TiVo.

On your TiVo, go to the ``Music, Photos, & More'' menu, and choose ``slideshow''. You should begin seeing a slideshow on your TV screen, accompanied by music.

(If your TiVo menu does not include ``Music, Photos, & More'', your TiVo may not have the HME enabled. Please go to the TiVo HME site at http://tivohme.sourceforge.net/ and follow the instructions there.)

Press the TiVo Button on your remote to exit.

Close the ``Slideshow'' window on your PC.


The following buttons on your remote can be used while viewing a slideshow on your TiVo:

Left/Right Arrow
Go forward one image or back one image in the slideshow.

Skip to the next song.

Pause the music.

Play the music.

Using Your Own Pictures and Music

In the directory you unzipped the files to, you'll find several files that let you change TivoSlideshow's configuration. Revise these files, and then restart TivoSlideshow to see the changes.

Place the file names of images you'd like to view in image_list.txt, one file name per line. (Currently, JPEG, GIF and PNG files are supported.)

Place the file names of audio clips/songs you'd like to hear in audio_list.txt, one file name per line. (Currently, only MP3 files are supported.)

Edit the following items in tivoslideshow.cfg to your liking. (Note: in the configuration file, backslashes in file names should be replaced with forward-slashes, or escaped with a second backslash.)

The amount of time, in seconds, that each image should be displayed.

The amount of time, in seconds, that each image should take to fade in/out.

The name of a file with a list of image files you'd like to display.

The name of a file with a list of audio files you'd like to play.

When running, TivoSlideshow will look for tivoslideshow.cfg in the current folder. If none is found, it will look for tivoslideshow.cfg in your profile folder. (By default, this is ``C:\Documents and Settings\[username]'' on Windows, and ``/home/[username]'' on Linux.)


This program uses the TiVo HME SDK, available at:


Thanks to John McGavren and Diana Szymanski for testing and feedback.

Thanks to Adam Doppelt, Brent Harris, and others on the SourceForge Tivo HME mailing list for their suggestions on URL handling.

See Also

Updates to TivoSlideshow will be made available via its Website:


Source code is available via the SourceForge project page:



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